Public Art

Presented to Pope Benedict XVI

Virginia Maria Romero's Unity retablo
                      presented to Pope Benedict XVI
Unity ©2008
Letter from Pope
                      Benedict XVI expressing gratitude for Virginia
                      Maria Romero's Unity retablo
Back of Unity Retablo
                      by VMR

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his gratitude for the gift of Virginia Maria Romero's retablo Unity.  The retablo was received by Pope Benedict XVI in June of 2010 from Cardinal William Levada.  Virginia Maria Romero’s original retablo titled, Unity, was commissioned by Br. Richard Hirbe, fsp., Founder/Minister General of The Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles and presented to Cardinal Levada during their scheduled meeting in the Office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Vatican City, Rome on June 1, 2010.