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"Congratulations on this sale, Virginia. During my 3 weeks in Santa Fe this summer, I had the pleasure to spend a hour in Bill Hestor's gallery and sit with all your beautiful paintings and retablos.  It was truly a "spiritual experience of being surrounded by the beauty, deep thought, and Holy Ones." Keep doing what you do - you are a blessing to the world."- Judith Anne Desjardins, Multi-award winning author, Private Holistic Psychotherapy Practice, Santa Monica, CA

“This is Virginia Maria Romero a great New Mexico artist mixing sacred Native American, Mexican and Christian art. It’s a force of nature in its own sense.” – Michel Fortier, Professeur titulaire at UQAR, Rimouski, Canada

“You are a paint brush in the hand of God....” -Bro. Richard Hirbe, fsp. Founder & Minister General Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles.

“Artist Virginia Maria Romero is an incredibly talented, compassionate person whom I am proud to have as a friend. I am a collector of her work - some of the best investments I've ever made.” -Judy Paulsen, PC

“Three or four times a year, I go pray at the Holy Cross retreat center, and always appreciate your paintings there. It has to be one of the best stations of the cross in all of New Mexico.” Richard Coltharp/Publisher, Las Cruces Bulletin

“Please do mention that your incredible art work has traveled to Bali. Since the 1920’s, Ubud has been the epicenter of art in Indonesia. Your art belongs here. It is so congruent with Bali’s culture of religion, respect for nature and respect for each other”. Marion Hook

"Just had to let you know – I made your Peace on Earth Nativity painting the background on my desktop. It's been hard for my wife and I to tear our attention away. Such powerful imagery and symbolism. The tears and spirals are poignant — mesmerizing. The starry sky is reassuring. As always, your work is inspirational, enigmatic and mandalic all at once. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFT!" Jeff Smith/Architectual Stained Glass Inc.

"Virginia is a very talented artist, savvy about the business end of art as well as the creative.  She is a pleasure to work with on art-related projects." Guy Cross, Founding Publisher/Editor/Creative Director at THE Magazine, Santa Fe, NM

"Virginia's art is unique and timeless. It was a pleasure to work with her during my tenure at Manitou Galleries." Kenneth Hulick, Marketing Consultant / Writer / Former Manager Manitou Galleries Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

"I first met this wonderful artist at an art fair in New Mexico. I was so moved by one of her works that I immediately purchased, an impressive alter painted with hand-made paints from natural substances found in New Mexico. Her religious-themed art, based on Spanish retablos, are distinctive. Ms. Romero's art is iconic and filled with passion. I own a few of her pieces which frame my Santa Fe-themed home. I have a substantial collection of art, but visitors are always drawn to her alter and invariably comment on how it moves them. I love her art and enjoy it everyday. " William Flores, Antioch University: President Santa Barbara Campus / Past President of Houston-Downtown

"I have had the unique honor of photographing Virginia and her work for two prestigious regional magazines. Virginia is the consummate professional. Her work is finely crafted, uniquely visioned and spiritually connected. I always look forward to seeing her recent creations. " Kirk Gittings, Photographer, artist, videographer, owner at Kirk Gittings Photography

"Virginia Maria Romero is an outstanding artist that follows traditions established in Nw Mexico during the Spanish colonial period. Her religious images are full of spirit and demonstrate a deep understanding of the traditions and the methods used to create works of art during the period." Stuart A Ashman, Executive Director of The Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, NM / Past President and CEO, Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA

"Virginia Maria Romero is an exceptional “visionary artist” who blends Christian, Native and desert/animal themes in her retablos." Johnny Boggs, Free-lance writer and novelist at Johnny D. Boggs

“I saw your work in Las Cruces today. Exquisite. The most wonderful work I've ever seen. I found myself in a trance looking at it. My compliments.” Benson Dwight Poirier, Visitor from Illinois at New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum 2013 VMR Solo Art Exhibit

“you, my friend are one of New Mexico's treasures...your art captures the essence of the Land of Enchantment..." Ilija Lukic

“Absolutely beautiful work. I have as yet to have met an artist that I have liked everything that I have seen by them but you are the one. Very moving and inspiring work. Wish I could fly into this airport just to see your work.” Rachel Burnham

"You have a contemporary aesthetic that makes the old saints come alive again.  You connect them to the earth and to the animals who inhabit it, particularly in the southwest.  You also connect them to the indigenous peoples of the area....linking the old world with the new world.....16th century to the 21st century....bridging five centuries of the art of the saints.  A new santera incorporating the cosmos." Joyce Leverett, former art gallery owner/art collector

“It (New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Wolf Stamp) came today and is very beautiful! No one can capture the soul of a wolf with a paintbrush like Virginia Maria Romero.  It is a little over 4" x 3", but very dramatic - a litle jewel" 
Susan Womack Miller.

“(Virginia Maria Romero) is many things. She is part naturalist, part storyteller, part searcher and... creative genius," Nathan Small, Wilderness Protection Coordinator for New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, and New Mexico House of Representatives.

“My prayers for you, your family and my gratitude for the gift you so freely give in bringing the sacred to life... May we be ever ready to tell them the reason for our hope, I remain,” Bro. Richard Hirbe, fsp Founder – Minister General Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles.

"Virginia Romero’s art has been described as “visionary”.  She has taken an ancient art form and redefined it, reinvented it, and made it her own.  Having been self-taught, her works of art emanate from the soul, from that whisper within which exists inside every one of us, but which only the artist can hear clearly and then express it in some form of art." Luis Cruz,  Las Cruces writer, philosopher.

“Something about the eyes draws me to your work, it gives me chills.  I’m in awe of your work, I love all of it. It is so beautiful…”
Diane Ott, art patron.

"I mentioned you would be the most knowledgeable and gifted artist to talk about the art form (retablos)" Irene Oliver-Lewis, Executive Artistic Producer/Founder, Alma d'arte

"She is truly a devotional artist employing the traditional Spanish Colonial materials and methods in her works.  She continues in her endeavors to follow traditional guidelines while at the same time putting her own very distinctive art print on her creations.” Donald F. Toomey, Author of  "The Spell of California's Spanish Colonial Missions".

"I think you will find the art of Virginia Maria Romero to be unique, of superior quality, and beautiful expressions of spiritual imagery.” Toni Laumbach, Chief Curator, Director of Museum Programs, New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.

“I wanted to officially thank you for the opportunity to exhibit your work at Chamizal National Memorial.  Your show was well received and fit perfectly with our park's mission of promoting cultural awareness and understanding between people of all cultures.  From both the public and area artists comments received on your work were all the same positive and wonderful!  It was said by more than one person that your work captured the true feeling of religious art originating in Eastern Europe, and your wolf piece had a Native American feel.  Your work was very well liked and one of the best exhibits we've had in some time.  From your professional artwork to your professional style of business, it was a joy working with you.  I know that you'll have even greater success in the future and hope that the National Park Service will once again have the opportunity to exhibit your work.  Please feel free to share my comments with other museums or galleries that may be considering an exhibition of your work.  I personally recommend your work and know that any gallery exhibiting your art will be as impressed as I have been.  You're one of the best!"  Michael Groomer, Chief of Interpretation, Education, and Arts,  Chamizal National Memorial.

““Retablo, Metamorphosis, Vision" shows the stylistic evolution of this popular regional artist.  The opening in April was a smashing success.  This is also going to be an unforgettable show for volunteers and staff." - Megan Walker, Exhibits Designer, New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum.

“Her studies of The Crucified Christ are among the best contemporary renderings of this traditional genre of spanish folk art, taking conventional penitential imagery in expressive new directions…” John Kohan, sacred art collector.  Sacred Art Pilgrim